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Project of the Month Neighbourhood Watch 3193's Cann River Project



Each month, we highlight an inspiring local community project on our front page. Kicking off the new year we have the  Cann River project run by Beaumaris and Black Rock’s Neighbourhood Watch, nhw3193, which helping the fire affected community in Gippsland that are still in desperate need of support. 

The neighbourhood watch group is working with a local volunteer, Sherylle Holster in Cann River who is supporting families and individuals in many remote areas of Gippsland.  Sherylle visits many families in isolated locations using a loan car from Mazda. She pays for the fuel herself out of her pension.

Glen Cameron Group and Vawdrey Semi Trailers have Donated two shipping containers and the project intends to fill these with required items and transport them to Cann River by the end of January. The containers are now located at the Sandy driving range. 

In addition, over Christmas the project dispatched 59 full tea chests to Cann River with toys and food. The toys that have been donated are either new or in excellent condition. In addition to the donated toys, special Christmas stocking for each of 60 children was selected and purchased. Ken Beadle NHW Committee member organised this with “I found It” and “Beaumaris Toyworld” so, some money stays in our local community.  Victorian Freight Specialists offered to take multiple loads to Cann River for no cost.

 Bayside Council allowed the project to place the two containers at the old Sandy Driving Range car park (Wangara/George Streets Sandringham) and also  offered the nearby buildings to sort our donations into manageable lots in the container.  Props to Bayside Mayor Laurie Evans for your support.

It is amazing what communities can do to support each other. Congratulation to Jeff and his Neighbourhood Watch 3193 committee and volunteers.

If you would like further details of this project please contact the committee at For more on Beaumaris and Black Rock Neighbourhood Watch, follow this link

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